Sustainable living in a Mediterranean climate

Naturhusvillan aims for minimal environmental footprint. Inspires through possibility. All our houses are fitted with reliable energy efficient solutions, ecological materials, protective climate shells, automatic irrigation and ecocycle-systems giving back nutrients from wastewater to the inhouse garden plants.

Naturhusvillan offers a fruitful combination of climate shell and housing that creates well combined spaces and gives pleasing opportunities for a unique symbiosis of good living and plant cultivation.


Our Houses

Naturhusvillan provides environmentally friendly, area smart,
attractive housing for all stages in life. Our houses have everything
needed for affordable, functional and luxurious living.
Good planning, flexible furnishing possibilities, good storage space
– equals easy and pleasant living.

Our houses gives you fantastic living areas with
plenty of light and space. We offer you the opportunity to
live in an eco-friendly environment in harmony
with your own sheltered garden. Your house can
easily be expanded to the roof terrace and further
extended for flexibility over time. Winter – warm
and cosy. Summer – space and abundance.
Always functional, always beautiful!


Tell us more about your project and budget and we will happily make your dream of a nature house come true.

About Us

The founding partners of Naturhusvillan are involved in most of the Nature house projects being built today in Sweden and Norway.

Anders Solvarm – Customer service

Anders has deep knowledge in sustainable buildings, greenhouses, eco-cycle systems and is also living in a Nature house.


Niklas Dahlström – Project service

Niklas is educated in the field of eco-building engineering, architecture and project management. Niklas also works with quality and safety management on building sites with Greenhouses connected to buildings.

We offer knowledge, experience and responsibility and we will be happy to deliver your ecofriendly sustainable house for you and for generations to come!